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5 Stats that Prove You Need to Start a Text Marketing Campaign Right Now

August 31, 2015 12:00 am by

Text marketing is a powerful tool that can generate positive results for your nightclub. Because this medium targets customers who are already engaged with your business, there is the potential to see an immediate positive response from your campaign. If you haven’t gotten started with text message marketing for your nightclub, it is not too late. SMS marketing shows no signs of being just a fad, as you can see from the following amazing statistics about this highly lucrative channel.

Start a texting campaign to attract more business and engage with your customers.

An Almost 100 Percent Open Rate

The open rate of text messages is around 98 percent, which is a significantly higher rate than email marketing. Most email campaigns have an open rate of approximately 20 percent, depending on the industry. By using a marketing channel with such a high open rate, you already improve your chances of your customers taking the action you want because you can guarantee they will actually see your message.

Immediate Engagement

Text message marketing is an immediate channel. Around 91 percent of smartphone owners keep their phone within arms reach 24 hours a day. Furthermore, many texts are read within seconds of receipt, compared to the hours or even days it can take prospective customers to read email or see print ads. It is easy to take advantage of the immediacy of texting to send out last minute deals to fill up your dance floor on a slow night.

Turn a slow night into a busy one with last minute texts to your subscribers.

8 Times Higher Engagement than Email Marketing

Text message subscribers are not just reading texts more than information sent through other marketing channels, but they also engage with them more. A recent study by Cellit found that text marketing has a six to eight percent higher engagement rate than email marketing. The engagement metrics in the study included redemption, data collection, and brand awareness.

High Redemption of SMS Coupons

SMS is the perfect channel for sending exclusive offers and discounts to motivate customers to come into your nightclub. Coupons sent through text messages are 10 times more likely than print or email coupons to be redeemed. One reason there is such a high redemption rate is that people do not have to worry about printing out a coupon and bringing it with them. Most people who visit a nightclub do not carry many belongings with them, but they will have their cell phone and can easily redeem mobile coupons to take advantage of the savings offered.

A Majority of Consumers Want to Receive Texts

Your customers will be happy to subscribe to receive your texts.

Many customers want to receive texts from their favorite brands, even though 80 percent of consumers say that brands have yet to market to them in this way. People do not just show a theoretic interest in communicating with businesses via text message; very few customers opt out once they have joined a campaign. According to Cellit’s survey, the unsubscribe rate for texting was 37 out of every 1000 messages, or 3.7 percent. People want to engage with your nightclub through texting, especially if you offer them incentives for being on the list.

Many clubs have yet to jump on board, so adding text messages to your overall marketing strategy is a way that you can stand out from the competition and attract customers to your nightclub. As these statistics demonstrate, texting is a medium through which you can engage with customers and increase your business. If you have not yet explored this effective marketing approach, then it is time to start by trying Nightlife Texting for free.