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6 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Club’s SMS Marketing Program

August 3, 2015 12:00 am by

Text message marketing is a surefire way to attract new customers and repeat business. Text messages have the highest open rate and conversion rate of any marketing channel. Additionally, text messages allow you to reach a wider audience than other mobile advertising options. Only about 64 percent of the US population owns a smartphone, while over 90 percent own a cell phone with texting capabilities. Out of these cell phone users, 81 percent send or receive text messages. Texting is the most common activity on a cell phone, according to Pew Research Center.

Text messaging is beneficial for connecting with customers and promotion.

To fully capitalize on all the benefits, you first need to ensure that people know about your mobile program. There are many different ways for you to promote your SMS marketing initiatives to help grow your subscriber list.

Sign Up on Your Website

Your website is typically a channel that you control, which makes it easy to leverage for advertising other promotions. You can add a tag on your website with a keyword and call to action or a box for signing up online. When developing the advertisement, be sure to create something that stands out and details all the important aspects of your mobile program.

Utilize your Social Media Profiles

Target your social media followers since they already have an active interest.

The customers most likely to sign up for your SMS marketing campaign are those who already engage with your nightclub. Therefore, your social media accounts are the perfect platforms for promoting your texting campaign. You can add a keyword and CTA to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ accounts. Additionally, you can create specialty marketing collateral, especially for promotional posts on Facebook and Twitter.

In-Club Advertising

Your current customers are another audience that will be more likely to opt into your campaign. Therefore, you want to be sure to promote it to them with in-club advertising. You should post posters and flyers in the most visible spots, including the restrooms, bars, and entrances. Additionally, you should include a blurb on your drink and food menus. To further motivate people to sign up, you could offer discounts that have to be used the same day. Since they are already there, they will be highly motivated to try to save some money and sign up.

Add to Print Ads and Flyers

Although text message marketing has numerous benefits, it is a dependent channel, at least initially. Therefore, you will need to capitalize on your other marketing collateral to promote your list. You should always impart a clear and prevalent SMS call to action on your various outlets, including your print ads and flyers, according to Convince and Convert. This allows for a way to extend your reach and the interactivity of your current advertising platforms, which in turn increases your level of customer engagement.

Piggy Back on Special Events

When you have a special DJ, advertise your text messaging alongside the event.

As a nightclub, you typically host special events, which could be live music by a popular band or DJ or a themed night, such as Ladies’ Night or Salsa Night. You most likely already have a way to promote these events across multiple channels. Piggy-back on this promotion by adding an associated keyword and blurb about your texting campaign, along with some type of offer for the event. For example, you could offer additional discounts on drinks during Ladies’ Night or special pre-sale tickets for live music.

Enact a Limited Time Offer Across Channels

Another way to advertise your SMS marketing program is to create a cross-channel promotion with a limited time offer. For example, you could heavily promote your texting service when you first launch it with free admission to your venue that ends after two weeks. This promotes a feeling of scarcity and urgency, which in turn will increase the chance of people signing up, according to Marketing Sherpa.

No matter what platforms you use for promotion, you need to be sure that you are clear and concise in your call to action, making it easy for people to opt in. You should also include an incentive for signing up, such as free admission, drinks, or appetizers. By utilizing many different channels, you can increase the exposure of your campaign, which in turn will increase the number of subscribers and customers at your club. Learn more about how to leverage text message to promote your club by reading this Nightlife Texting blog post.