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6 Creative Ways to Grow Your Nightclub’s Mass Texting List

July 20, 2015 12:00 am by

As a nightclub, you want to appeal to your current customers so they will return to your club night after night. The best customers to target are those you already have, which is why building a mass texting campaign is a smart move. It can help you to connect with those who already enjoy coming to your club and motivate them to visit more often. Whether you are just starting out with your mass texting list or want to improve it, here are some important and creative ways to grow the number of subscribers.

Catchy Keywords in Your Print Ads

Add a catchy keyword to text for more info when you advertise events in the paper.

The best way to grow your nightclub’s mass texting list is to piggyback on your existing marketing efforts. However, instead of using some boring keyword for subscribers to use to opt in, you should use something catchy. This could be a word that rhymes with your club’s name or something else that stands out. If it is catchy, it is more likely to grab the attention of your potential subscribers. You can further motivate people to opt in by including a special offer on drinks or a discounted cover charge for joining.

Well Placed Ads in Your Club

In addition to piggy backing on your print ads, you should also create attention-grabbing signs around your club to advertise your mobile program. By advertising in this way, you target the people who are already in the club and enjoying themselves, one of the easiest groups to whom to sell your services. Post signs in prominent areas, such as the bathroom, bar, and entrance, to ensure that they are seen.

Put the information in high traffic areas, such as the bar.

Social Media Campaigns

You can also capitalize on your social media followers to help grow your text message subscribers. Adding some information in your social media profile that includes a keyword for people to text to join is an effective approach, according to Web Marketing Today. Consider scheduling posts to advertise your text message campaign, and encouraging your followers to sign up. Depending on your platform, creating different keywords that align with current trending hashtags may be an effective way to generate buzz for your mobile program.


Contests are a fun way to promote your mobile program and increase engagement with your nightclub. You can offer fun prizes for a variety of different types of contests, including text to win. You could even create a scavenger hunt where people have to text a particular keyword at different places in order to win a prize, which could be any number of offers for your club, including VIP access for an upcoming event.

Special Events and Texting

Combine texting with a special event, such as a popular DJ.

Special events are the bread and butter of nightclubs. Whether you have a themed night, a popular band or DJ performing live, or some other special event, you can draw a crowd into your club with effective promotion. Capitalize on the attention your business around your special event to advertise your mobile campaign. Consider adding a keyword to text on your marketing capital or offering special VIP access or early admission or ticket purchases to those on your list as extra motivation for signing up. You can also enhance an event by integrating texting into the mix. Instead of live tweeting, create a special live texting event that could include special prizes and information.

Forward to a Friend

The best way to grow your subscriber list is to engage with your customers through texting. If participating in your mobile program is fun or provides some value, then it will inspire others to join. You can take advantage of this by developing a refer a friend campaign. Consider offering free admission or a discount on drinks for those on your list who get a friend to sign up for your mass texting list.

Ask your subscribers to forward your text to friends to grow your list.

Because they are already on the list, there is a good chance they will want to refer your program to a friend not just to collect the offer but also because they see the value in being a subscriber. Word of mouth campaigns are some of the best marketing tools available. They are more effective than banner ads or paid search ads at helping you grow your customer base, according to Inc.com.

No matter how small or large your mass texting subscriber list, there are always actions you can take to increase subscribers and achieve your business goals. Integrating your various marketing campaigns can help you to cross promote and grow your audience, but there are also many creative ways you can target your clientele to develop your list. If you are ready to see how mass texting can help your business, try Nightlife Texting for free.