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How to Build Customer Loyalty at Your Pub With Text Marketing

July 6, 2015 12:00 am by

Advertising to your existing customers is an effective strategy, according to Dave Lavinsky at Forbes. These people have already visited your pub and enjoyed their experience, which makes it easier to motivate them to return because they already know and trust you. This can also lead to more referrals. Text marketing campaigns can help you engage with your regular customers and build customer loyalty.

Personalized Deals

Keep track of your customer’s preferences and send them specials based on this data.

With the right platform for your mass texting, you can easily keep track of your regular customers’ preferences. Pulling together customer data from other marketing channels as well as information about past purchasing behavior can also help you to create personalized deals featuring your customer’s favorite meals, drinks, and more.

Even if you do not have that much data on your customers, you can still send your subscription list deals that seem personal. By creating a template with a space for including the person’s name, you can add that touch of personal engagement that will increase the chance that your text message recipients will redeem the offer.


People love getting something for free, whether you are offering free drinks, appetizers, desserts, or an entrée. To reward your loyal customers, consider distributing offers via text message for freebies. You can include certain caveats, such as a free drink with order of an entrée, to ensure that you will not lose money from the deal.

Mobile Punch Cards

No need to use traditional loyalty card with the capabilities of SMS marketing.

Customer reward programs have long been in use, and they typically require the patron to carry around a punch card or similar item. With text marketing, you can easily turn your punch card reward system into a mobile one, ensuring people never forget their cards. According to Business 2 Community, mobile is becoming a popular customer loyalty tool. People carry their cell phones with them everywhere, so it makes since to incorporate mobile into your rewards program. This also will not only help you to increase your customer’s satisfaction, but they will also be more inclined to come back to your pub.

Early Access to Special Events

Give your mobile customers special access to your events.

Another way to facilitate customer loyalty with your text marketing program is to provide your subscriber list with early access to special events. You can also offer exclusive deals on the event cover charge, including free cover before a certain time. This not only makes your customers feel special, but it also helps to ensure that you have an early crowd for your event.

Reservation, Orders, or Deliveries

People love convenience, especially when it comes to pubs and restaurants. Therefore, you can reward your loyal customers by making it even more convenient for them to come to your establishment. Depending on your ability to offer certain services, you can allow your text subscriber list to text their a reservation, pre-order their meal for takeout, or set up a delivery. If they know that they can bypass any lines or extensive waiting, they will continually choose you over your competition.

Marketing to your current customers can save you money and increase your business. According to a study by FiveStars, about 20 percent of customers are loyal, and they drive about 80 percent of the total revenue. Therefore, finding ways to build customer loyalty will not only help save money on marketing but also benefit your bottom line. Ready to try for yourself? Create an account with Nightlife Texting to get 10 free credits for sending up to 5 test messages.