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How to Use Flyers to Give Your Night Club’s SMS Marketing Program a Boost

September 1, 2015 12:00 am by

SMS marketing is a great way to promote events and increase the number of people that come to your venue every night. One of the best ways to promote your text marketing program and build your subscriber list is to use flyers, which can be strategically placed around your club and in certain locations where potential guests may be spending time. Whether you are promoting a brand new campaign or looking to boost the number of subscribers in an ongoing program, a well crafted print flyer can help you achieve your text marketing goals.

Tie Into Events

When a famous DJ plays your club, include info about your texts on the flyers.

The easiest way to use flyers to boost your mobile campaign is to piggyback on marketing campaigns for your events. You most likely already create flyers announcing a variety of your events, including special DJs, live music, or regular themed events such as Ladies’ Night. It is easy to promote your new texting program on these flyers by including a keyword, short or long code, and an incentive for opting in to the campaign. Potential incentives are exclusive deals and discounts or special VIP access. Customers interested in the events will sign up for the campaign, as long as there is a strong enough benefit to them.

Promote Your Campaign

Flyers also work well as promotion purely for your SMS marketing campaign, especially in the beginning when you’re trying to build up your subscriber list. When designing these flyers, it is helpful to emphasize the benefits of signing up for your mobile program. Offers and discounts are the top motivations for joining a list, but many people may also be interested in staying up to date with your club schedule, getting the chance to have special access to events, and the option to buy tickets before anyone else. It is best to concentrate on one central hook to entice people to join your list.

Find the Right Message and Incentive

Free entry or discounts on drinks are popular incentives for signing up.

The most important element of a successful flyer is a message that encourages people to take action. Your flyers should have three major components: the hook, the call to action, and the essential information. Your hook is what attracts your audience’s attention and ultimately motivates them to act, and it is usually an offer or deal. Your call to action is easy: you want people to text a keyword to opt into your campaign. The additional information on your flyer includes the fine print of your campaign, such as the frequency of texts, and a disclaimer that message rates may apply. It is important to create clear and simple instructions for signing up, while also informing customers exactly what to expect.


Once you have developed your flyer, it is almost time to print them up. However, before you print hundreds or thousands, it is essential that you proofread your work. Send the flyer around to your staff and have them check for any errors. A flyer that has errors will have a decreased impact, and may even have the opposite affect than what you want. An analysis of websites found that one single spelling mistake resulted in half the online sales. A similar outcome could happen if you have a grammatical error or misspelling on your flyer; you may end up with fewer opt ins or less people at your nightclub.

Distribute the Flyers

Have the flyers in your club so people will opt in while they are still there.

After you’ve printed flyers, it is time to distribute them and gain subscribers. Your nightclub is the best place to start. The bouncers can hand out flyers at the door, which is especially effective if your flyer offers a deal or discount. Patrons already plan to spend time at your nightclub, so they will be extra motivated to take advantage of a discount. It is also beneficial to have flyers for your campaign in the club, especially along the bar, on tables, and in the bathrooms, so that people can pick them up. They already have a positive image of your club from being there, so they will be more likely to subscribe to your mobile program for special offers and come back another time.

Flyers are a great way to spread the word to your customers about your mobile program so they will sign up and take advantage of the offers and information you send out. Whether you piggyback on another promotional campaign or create flyers dedicated to promoting your texting program, it’s important to choose the right message, proofread the content, and distribute them smartly.

Flyers are not the only marketing channels that can help you boost your mobile subscriber list; learn more about integrating multiple marketing channels for a stronger campaign with this helpful Nightlife Texting blog post.