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Make Your Nightclub Guests a Text Message Offer They Can’t Refuse

August 17, 2015 12:00 am by

Text message marketing helps attract customers to your nightclub and reduce the number of slow nights, as long as you send out the right messages. Compelling content that your customers want and will even share with their friends can help boost your business. To truly engage with your mobile subscribers and stand out from the competition, strive to create offers that your customers cannot refuse. Irresistible offers will keep your customers happy and keep your nightclub busy.

Pack your dance floor by sending enticing text message offers.

Provide Value

The best text message offers provide value for customers. For a nightclub, the two main areas of spending are the cover charge and drinks. Therefore, your deals should primarily focus on one or the other. For example, you can offer free cover charge, a percentage off tickets for a special event, or free drinks. Whatever discount you choose to offer, be sure never to send the same message and discount over and over again, according to Inc.com. This creates ambivalence towards the deal, reducing the efficacy of your campaign.

Your offer should be enough to motivate the customers to actually take advantage of it without hurting your bottom line. For example, if your cover charge is $10 and you only give a $2 discount, then most people will not feel it is worth it. However, if you waive the entire cover charge, then they will feel as though they are saving money and eagerly take advantage of the savings. Furthermore, they will most likely order more drinks because they have saved money on the cover charge.

Make It Exclusive

Make your offers exclusive to your text message list to increase the impact.

The number one factor that turns a text offer into one that your customers cannot refuse is exclusivity. You do not want to share offers or deals through SMS that can also be found on your website, social media, emails, print ads, or any other marketing channel. If your customers know that they can get the deal elsewhere, they will be less willing to act right away, and may even choose to opt out of your mobile program. To further create a sense of exclusivity, you can treat your subscriber list as VIPs and offer exclusive access and other benefits.

Create Targeted Messages

Personalization strengthens the efficacy of your message, especially since texting is already a personal form of communication, according to Mobile Marketer. The best way to personalize messages is to create customer groups based on their buying habits, behaviors, and other characteristics. Then, you simply send out targeted offers that speak directly to those customers. For example, you can send out a reduction on the cover price for a special live music event to customers that regularly attend these events. Even general messages have a greater impact if you include the person’s name in the message.

Time it Right

Catch your subscribers at the right time for a better turn out.

One of the reasons that text messages are so effective for nightclub marketing is that they are immediate channels of communication. Most people open their texts quickly and respond quickly. Therefore, you can leverage this medium to turn a slow night into a happening one with a last minute offer and deal. Even your scheduled messages should be accurately timed. For example, if you are sending an offer for Friday night’s event, you do not want to distribute it on Monday. Instead, send it later in the week, which gives your customers time to make plans but not enough time to forget about the event. This can help you attract more guests for your events.

Create an Urgent Call to Action

As with any marketing channel, you want to include a call to action at the end of your message. To motivate your customers into accepting the offer, you need to impart a sense of urgency. Because of the immediacy of text marketing, you can easily make customers feel they have to take advantage of the deal now or lose out. The best way to do this is to designate a short time period for offer redemption. For last minute deals, make it good only for that day, while other offers could be good for that week.

With the right text marketing strategy, you can create offers and messages that your customers cannot refuse. By providing something valuable, creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency, and personalizing your messages, you ensure that your customers will feel motivated to redeem your offers and visit your nightclub. If you are ready to try text message marketing for your business, then create a Nightlife Texting account and get 10 free credits for sending up to 5 test messages.