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Slow Night? Use Text Marketing to Liven Things Up

June 22, 2015 12:00 am by

Slow nights are an expected component of running a night club, even though you want to do what you can to reduce the number you experience. Inclement weather could cause people to choose to remain at home rather than go outside, or there could be a special event happening in your area that draws away your crowd. Alternatively, your patrons may just be late in arriving at your club.

Whatever the reason, you do not have to let a slow night hurt your bottom line. With text marketing, you can capitalize on an immediate marketing channel to draw in a crowd and liven up the party. With the right message sent out to your clientele, you will see a slow night turn into a happening one in no time.

Limited Time Offers

Send out a text with free drink offers and see a slow night turn to a busy one.

One of the best ways to encourage customers to come in on a slow night is to send your mobile subscribers special, limited time only offers. For example, you can share a text offering free cover charge, free appetizers with drink purchase, or some other special that is only good that night. If you make the deals only available for a short time period, then it will motivate your customers to come into the club right away to take advantage, rather than wait for another night. Targeting or focusing these messages to a certain customer group or demographic can also help you to bring in the right crowd, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Free or Discounted Admission for Early Arrivals

To make sure your event has a crowd, offer discounts for early arrivals.

If you are afraid that you will have a slow night, or if you notice that a particular night of the week is typically quiet, you can send out text messages during the day offering free or discounted admission for early arrivals. This can be especially helpful on nights that you have a special event and want to draw in an early crowd to fill the space ahead of time. When you have a special event, you want to be sure to attract the right crowd, according to event promoter Cass Philips via Inc.com. What audience is better than your loyal customers?

Event Notices and Reminders

Another way to capitalize on text messaging to draw in a crowd is to send out reminders about events. Although your customers may frequent your club or receive meals with your calendar of events, they may not remember your schedule. A well-timed message reminding them about your musical guest or other special event will ensure that they remember to come into the club that night – and you will avoid the unfortunate scenario of having a musician playing to an empty club.

Text to Win

Contests always help you draw a crowd. You can create a contest through text where people can text to win certain prizes. To make it even more interesting, the contest can be ongoing, with patrons having to remain on site to win. For example, you could have the DJ say a certain keyword at a certain time, and customers can send a text for the chance to win discounted drinks. Earlier in the day, you can advertise your special live texting event, and let potential patrons know they can win prizes.

Your DJ can help you with live, on-site text to win contests.

There are many ways to use text marketing to help turn a slow night into the party of the year. Although some of the best practices require some leeway and planning, which is perfect to use on your traditionally slow days, you can also text your mobile subscribers immediately when you notice it is a slow night to turn things around.

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