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Special Event: How Timing Your Texts Right Can Fill Up Your Club

August 17, 2015 12:00 am by

When you host special events at your club, you want to be sure that your dance floor is filled to the max. This not only helps your bottom line, but it also sets you up for success with future events. One of the most effective ways to engage with your customers to motivate them to come to events is to leverage your text message marketing campaign. By timing your messages right, you can increase the number of people that attend in order to have the best event possible.

The right text at the right time can fill up your dance floor when you need it.

An Immediate Channel

Text messages are an immediate channel. Over 91 percent of Americans have their phones within arms reach 24/7. Additionally, the open rate for text message marketing is over 90 percent, and most people respond to texts quickly. This means that you can easily leverage text marketing on the day of your event to motivate customers to come at the last minute. Other marketing approaches require a much longer time frame, which gives plenty of space for people to forget or make other plans.

Sending Out Reminders

When you host a special event at your club, you most likely promote it via print ads and digital marketing. Chances are you post information on your social media accounts and send out emails about the event. This type of marketing typically needs to be done weeks before the event to ensure people see it and have time to respond. Although it is effective, its impact is reduced because potential customers are very busy and constantly inundated with information. Your audience may simply forget about an event, no matter how interested they are to attend.

Send a text reminder to your customers on the day of an event.

This is where text messaging comes into play. You can text a reminder close to the event, such as the same day, to motivate people to actually take part. This type of reminder also works for those who pre-ordered tickets, when applicable.

Know the Best Time for Your Club

To fully leverage the timing of text messaging, you need to learn the best time for your club. Later in the day may work better for nightclubs than other businesses, depending on your events and customer base. Mondays also tend to be the worst day for receiving text messages, unless it is content that applies to that day, according to Mobile Marketer.

Through trial and error, you can find the ideal time to send out your messages

You may have to do some trial and error to figure out the best time for your club. You want to send out the message close enough to the event to encourage people to go without running the risk of something else coming up or them forgetting. However, you do not want to send out the message too late, or else people may already have plans. Review past campaign data to learn more about which days and times your subscribers commonly opened your messages. Most likely, you will want to send out the message at some point in the afternoon, but you might find that the morning or early evening works best for you.

When you send your text messages out at the right time, you can get more response from your message. Once you learn the right timing for your club, you can also take advantage to send out special, limited time offers on slow nights to fill your dance floor. To learn more about how texting can help your business, read this Nightlife Texting blog post.