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The Top 7 Benefits of Mass Texting for Your Club

September 8, 2015 12:00 am by

Text message marketing is inexpensive, direct, and generates real results. By incorporating texting into your marketing strategy, your club can increase its business and improve your bottom line without having to spend much money. There are many additional reasons to get started with texting at your club. Here are seven of the most compelling ones.

Texting can increase the number of people who come to your club every night.

Increase Awareness and Engagement

Mass texting increases the awareness about your club. When you advertise and include a texting call to action, you provide an easy way for people to get involved with your nightclub and learn more about it. Customer engagement is one of the most important components of attracting and maintaining customers. By regularly communicating with them through text messages, your club remains on your customers’ radar, increasing the chance they choose you over the competition.

Fill up the Dance Floor on a Slow Night

Text message marketing is an immediate channel, since most people open and read the messages right away. Capitalize on this to fill up your dance floor on a slow night by simply sending out a special, last minute, limited time offer to encourage people to come out. Over half of consumers stated that time sensitive offers were a strong motivating factor, and over 66 percent said that pricing affected their decision to act. By combining a discount with a limited time to use it, you further increase the number of people who will take action and come to your club.

More Successful Events

Attract a larger audience to a live music event with mass texting.

Mass texting helps support your club’s events. It is simple to send out information and reminders about your event schedule to your subscribers, increasing the chance they will attend. If you include additional motivation, such as exclusive access or special deals, then you further increase the chance of a positive response. The more people who come to your event, the more successful it will be.

Leverages Your Existing Customer Base

Text messaging is an opt-in medium, which means that you can only message those who sign up. A large majority of these subscribers are already engaged, loyal customers, or at least have previously been to your club. This is one of the easiest pools from which to attract more patrons. They already have a positive image of your club and want to return. Sending messages, especially reminders or offers and deals, targeted at this customer base increases the likelihood that one-time guests will turn into repeat customers.

Mass texting also provides you an opportunity to learn more about your existing customer base. As with many digital marketing channels, you receive various data about your subscribers. You can use this data to create targeted messages and better marketing collateral to improve your overall success.

Supports and Integrates with Other Channels

Include a CTA in your other marketing campaigns to give your mobile program a boost.

Text message marketing easily integrates with your other marketing efforts, especially your website, email campaign, and social media sites. Include a quick call to action encouraging your audience to sign up for your text message program. You can also promote your social media presence and email program to your text message subscriber list. Text messaging is relatively inexpensive, so you can augment your marketing campaigns with minimal additional investment.

Reduction in Acquisition and Advertising Costs

Text message marketing is inexpensive and has a high conversion rate, which can result in a high return on investment. Additionally, because your SMS campaign targets already engaged customers, you also reduce your customer acquisition costs. New customers cost much more to convert than those who have already done business with you at least once. Additionally, returning customers typically spend more money than first-time customers.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Get people to choose you over your competition when they want to go dancing.

A well-crafted text message program offers impressive conversions, offer redemption, and open rates, but many companies still do not use texts to connect with customers. By doing so for your nightclub, you have an opportunity to stand out from the competition. This increases the chance that prospective patrons will choose your club over others when they head out on the town.

Adding mass texting to your nightclub’s marketing strategy provides you with numerous benefits, all of which ultimately increase your profits. It is a cost-effective solution for increasing awareness and engagement with your club to attract more customers, whether for special events or to pick things up on a slow night. If you are ready to see how text messages can help your business, then create a Nightlife Texting account to get 10 free credits for sending up to 5 test messages.