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Why Message Frequency is an Important Element of Text Marketing Success

September 28, 2015 12:00 am by

If your nightclub only sends one marketing text message to your customers and then never uses the channel again, you are missing out on an important opportunity. However, there is also danger in sending too many texts to your customers. They may become over-saturated and tire of receiving your messages, leading to higher opt-out rates. Finding the right frequency at which to send texts for your nightclub is essential to the success of your text message marketing campaign.

The Problem of Too Few Messages

Regularly texting your subscribers increases the success of your campaign.

When you use text message marketing too infrequently, then you do not benefit from a channel of communication with a high open rate, conversion rate, and engagement rate. Customers engage with texts eight times as much as they do with email messages. By sending too few texts, you miss out on the chance to continually engage with your customers and keep your club on their radar.

Infrequent use of the channel also leads to some housekeeping concerns, namely a high bounce rate. This means that your list has a high percentage of phone numbers that no longer are valid. It is best to have as few bad numbers as possible to ensure that you are targeting real customers who may visit your club. When you send more texts, then you have a cleaner list because you can more easily take action on each bounced number.

The Problem of Too Many Messages

Although sending out too few messages is troublesome, it is best not to go to the other extreme and send too many messages. When you inundate customers with messages, they may no longer value your content. Instead, they begin to see your messages as spam rather than something they want. This creates a higher opt-out rate and may even affect your reputation. Customers will tire of your messages, and this may lead to an overall negative feeling toward your nightclub, which puts them off from choosing your business over the competition when they head out for a fun night on the town.

Finding the Right Number for Your Nightclub

It is important to review your data and find what works with your customers.

Studies have found that 2 to 4 messages per month is the ideal frequency for marketing text messages. However, this largely depends on the type of message, the relevancy, the desire of your clientele, and more. Therefore, it is best to conduct your own research to find the unique perfect number for your business. Your data, including the open rate, bounce rate, click-through or conversion rate, and opt-out rate, offers insights into the best frequency for your club. If your numbers are strong, then you’re probably sending the right amount of messages. If they are weak, especially if you have a high opt-out rate, then it is time to decide whether or not you are sending too many or too few texts.

For additional information, it is possible to engage some of your subscribers in a poll or survey to find out how often they want to hear from you. Your demographics may also provide you with additional insight. For example, if many of your customers are Millennials, they may be more open to receiving more messages than older demographics. You can also separate your mobile subscriber list into groups based on demographics and alter your frequency accordingly.

Don’t Forget to Factor in Your Other Channels of Communication

Although text message marketing works well as a stand-alone channel, it is often used as a part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. This means that many of your customers receive messages from you on multiple channels, such as email, texts, and social media. This can affect how often you should text. It can be harmful to your campaign to continuously target customers. For example, if you send two texts per week and two emails per week, then your customers may begin to tire of hearing from you faster than if you sent a total of two messages to your subscribers per week.

Why You Need to Do as You Promised

Whatever number you choose, be sure to stick with what you promise customers.

One important thing to remember when deciding upon your ideal message frequency is what’s outlined in your terms and conditions. For example, if your terms and conditions state that you will send out two to four texts per month for marketing purposes and you start to send that many out per week, then you could have some frustrated subscribers. Furthermore, you put yourself at risk of lawsuits. The same applies if your terms and conditions state you will only send transactional messages and you send out marketing texts. If you want to change the frequency or purpose of your text marketing campaign, then you need to first send out a message to your subscribers informing them of the change and provide them with new terms and conditions to peruse.

Getting text message frequency right can help ensure campaign success. Although the content may matter more, if you send amazing content too often or too infrequently, then you still will not get the action you want from your campaign.

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