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Winning at Text-2-Win: How to Launch a Successful Mobile Contest at Your Club

July 20, 2015 12:00 am by

Hosting a contest is a great way to generate interest in your business. Text to win contests are simple to create and effective at piquing your patrons’ interest. Not only will a text to win contest help get your customers’ attention, it also has the added benefit of boosting your mobile subscriber list. There are many different components to a successful mobile contest, but the most important aspect is the prize. The second most important component is making your customers aware of the contest. Here are some tips for achieving text to win success.

Advertise Your Contest

Use all your marketing channels to promote the contest.

Before you get too focused on the prizes, it’s important to consider how you are going to advertise your contest. Think about your goals first. For example, are you interested in growing your subscriber list, or increasing the number of people going to your club. Identifying your contest objectives can help inform your promotion efforts. One potential approach to consider is sharing information about your contest through all your available marketing channels, according to Social Media Examiner. You can also make potential participants aware of your contest with printed ads, including signs in your nightclub. Additionally, you can include ads on your website and rely on your social media profiles to let your followers know about the event.

It’s also important to think about your target audience before you launch. This not only helps inform your marketing efforts, but you can also better decide upon the best type of prizes to offer. Your target audience may be your typical nightclub customers or it may be a specific subset, such as those who like a particular DJ or style of music.

Text Your Current Subscriber List

Do not forget to let your current subscriber list know about your text to win contest. You can send out a simple message with the contest keyword so that they can enter. Your current subscribers are already familiar with your business, and they may be even more likely to participate in your text to win initiative. You can also include some extra motivation for them to forward the contest to their friends, such as an extra entry into the contest.

Exciting Grand Prize

Offer free VIP access as your grand prize for your contest.

To launch a successful text to win campaign, you need to include a prize that people actually want. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant or expensive. You could offer no cover charge for a month, discounted drinks for an extended period of time, VIP tickets and free access to an upcoming special event, or a special meet and greet with a popular musician or DJ. If you have a partnership with a local business, such as a hotel, you could offer a discounted or free weekend stay. A simple gift card to your establishment could also be enough of an incentive to enter the contest.

If you are unsure of what type of prizes your intended audience would want, there are a few ways to gain some insight. You could review your past offers to see which ones had the highest redemption rate, and develop a related prize, but on a larger scale. You could also conduct some research and ask a select group of customers what types of prizes would be most desirable.

Everyone’s a Winner

If everyone wins something, you will increase your number of entrants.

The grand prize and secondary prizes must be exciting in order for your mobile contest to be a winner. But you may also want to offer some type of deal so that everyone is a winner. If you want to maximize participation, make everyone to feel like a winner, even if they did not get the grand prize, according to Text Marketing Today. The entry prize could be a simple offer that everyone receives for participating in your mobile program, such as a percentage off the cover charge or drinks. You could also have a handful of smaller prizes that are randomly distributed to people through automatic response.

A text to win contest can be a simple and effective way to attract new patrons to your nightclub. You just need to be sure to advertise the campaign and have prizes that motivate people to participate.

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