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5 More Places to Advertise Your Nightclub’s Text Marketing List

November 2, 2015 by
Finding the right place to promote your SMS marketing program can seem difficult. However, there are many creative places to promote hiding in plain site in your club. Because these spots are located right in your club, you easily grab the attention of customers who are having a great time and ready to sign up… View Article

The Top 8 Text Offers to Increase Your Nightclub Business

October 26, 2015 by
One of the best incentives for people to visit your nightclub, whether they are new or repeat customers, is a great deal. SMS marketing is an effective way to share offers and attract more business. People can receive a deal for signing up for your campaign and continue to receive special access and offers over… View Article

6 Tips for Creating Personalized Texts for Your Nightclub Customers

October 26, 2015 by
Personalized marketing is poised to become one of the best ways to gain a competitive edge in 2015 and beyond. For the past few years, it has been gaining ground with many companies jumping on board. However, not nearly enough marketers are taking advantage of the impact of personalization when they plan their campaigns, even… View Article

Thought Leader Series: Not Convinced Text Message Marketing Is for You? Read This!

October 23, 2015 by
Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, delivers inspirational keynotes at conferences. She authored international bestselling book, “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results,” and “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself on Interviews.” You have an establishment that offers great food, drinks, and possibly entertainment. But your clientele hasn’t… View Article

Thought Leader Series: Using SMS Marketing to Promote Fundraisers at Your Club

October 21, 2015 by
Lorena Brockman is a blogger for and has notable know-how in blogging, travel, fashion, and has been deemed “Greatest Auntie Ever” by many. To learn more about Lorena, visit her company’s blog at Promotion and advertising have changed quite a bit over the past few decades. Television, radio, and direct mail promotions, though… View Article